WT-15 Fence Pipe

Wheatland WT-15 fence framework is the ideal pipe for light industrial and commercial jobs. Wheatland's advanced in-line coating process ensures the highest standard of corrosion resistance. WT-15 high strength steel guarantees to meet or exceed your customer needs. Count on it!


Wheatland Tube Company will certify that all Wheatland WT-15 pipe is manufactured in the USA. "WT-15 MADE IN USA" is proudly displayed on each
length of WT-15 pipe. Wheatland's state of the art manufacturing process
and coatings ensure that WT-15 will stand up to the toughest elements. Wheatland offers a complete line of commercial framework products to help minimize your inventory cost. Wheatland is the only frame-work manufacturer that can combine your needs for WT- 15 on the same truck with the full range of fence framework from residential tubing to full weight Schedule 40 hot-dip galvanized F1083 pipe.

Wheatland Tube Company is committed to a full compliment of finished inventory. Our high speed material handling capabilities enable us to react to
special length requests with exceptional order fill rates. Wheatland's WT-15 is Made in the USA.



WT-15 Specifications


Strength 50,000 psi yield strength (minimum) certification
Durability Meets or exceeds the following specifications:
ASTM B117 300 Hour Salt Fog Test
ASTM D1499 500 Hour Weathering Test
ASTM D2247 500 Hour Humidity Test
Appearance Permanent smooth, high shine, clear polymer coated galvanized finish
Availability Available in cut posts, 21' and 24' lengths. Special lengths upon request for fast
track shipment.


wheatland wt-15


wheatland wt-15


wheatland pipe build


Galvanized coating + intermediate conversion coating
+clear polymer coating + polyester WT-ColorCoat


wheatland color

wheatland color


WT-ColorCoat is available with:
Tubing Wall 0.065 -- 0.055


WT-ColorCoat dark green and black colors are in compliance with ASTM F 934 "Standard Specifi cation for Standard Colors for Polymer- Coated Chain Link Fence Materials" Wheatland's 3 mil Polyester TGIC Powder WT-Color Coat meets or exceeds the coating requirements of ASTM F 1043 Standard Specification for Strength and Protective Coatings on Steel Industrial Chain Link Fence Framework"